Emory Hospital Will Treat Ebola Patient


Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia announced Thursday that it expects to receive a patient with the Ebola disease within the “next several days.”

Two Americans, Nancy Writebol and Dr. Kent Brantly, contracted the infection in Liberia. The hospital does not yet know whether the patient is one of these two Americans or when he or she will arrive.

“Emory University Hospital has a specially built isolation unit set up in collaboration with the CDC to treat patients who are exposed to certain serious infectious diseases,” the hospital said in the statement. “It is physically separate from other patient areas and has unique equipment and infrastructure that provide an extraordinarily high level of clinical isolation. It is one of only four such facilities in the country.”

The Ebola virus can spread through bodily fluids, putting healthcare workers treating patients at risk. The doctors and nurses who work with the patient…

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