Watch Steve Jobs Unveil the iPod 12 Years Ago


Hot on the heels of yesterday’s Apple event, we hop in the wayback machine to an Apple event that happened on October 23, 2001.

While yesterday’s event saw updates to pre-existing products – new iPads and new Macs – the 2001 event featured the unveiling of the iPod, a device that would end up being one of Apple’s most important products.

At around the 13-minute mark in the above video, Jobs talks about how “no one has really found the recipe yet for digital music.” That recipe turned out to be an Apple-built portable music player that worked hand-in-hand with the Apple-built iTunes software.

One of the secrets to the original iPod’s success was its diminutive five-gigabyte hard drive, which Apple pitched as capable of storing 1,000 songs. Hard drive-based MP3 players existed at the time, but many of them used 2.5-inch or larger hard drives, making the players…

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