‘Breaking Bad’ Gallery: Every Outfit Worn by Walter White

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Breaking Bad fans still dealing with absence of the show in their lives might find some solace  (and a chuckle or two) in an impressive gallery that presents every outfit Walter White wore over BB‘s 62 episodes. On his blog, artist Nathan Peter has done a remarkable job of capturing the essence of White’s threads — including the tighty-whities and hazmat suits.

The visual proves fascinating from afar, or zoomed in close. When you take in the entirety of Walter’s wardrobe, you get struck with the profound shift from greens in the early seasons right through reds and blues — until he finishes nearly void of all color, highlighted by deep black coats. Of course, the bright yellows and oranges of his chemical suits do provide a certain pop (and that underwear never goes out of style).

Braking Bad‘s season-five costume designer Jennifer Bryan, told Vulture before…

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