Retro ‘Doctor Who’ Reviews: ‘The Ambassadors of Death’

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Ambassadors of DeathOnly recently released on DVD this epic seven-part serial occurred during the first season of the Third Doctor’s run when Liz Shaw was still serving as The Doctor’s companion. The story picks up after UNIT’s encounter with the Silurians and begins with The Doctor continuing to work on the TARDIS, frustrated with the knowledge that had been removed from his memory by the Time Lords. Meanwhile the British Space Program is launching a recovery mission to seek out a missing Mars Probe and the two astronauts who were on board. When the rescue ship makes contact with the probe a high pitch screeching is transmitted before the radio goes silent.

When the space craft returns to Earth the three astronauts are kidnapped by persons unknown who leave soldiers and scientists dead in their wake. The Doctor quickly deduces that the three spacesuits were not carrying the human passengers but a…

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